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The Civitas Way

At Civitas, we believe that education can’t be confined within the four walls of a classroom. Learning should be intuitive and equip students with the toolkit and skills to exercise their fully ignited curiosity themselves. 


The magic of Civitas lies in its ability to strike the perfect balance between seemingly dichotomous extremes. While it is easy to live life on the fringes, swayed entirely by one approach or another, integrating and crafting a programme which is both globally informed and culturally attuned is an art in and of itself. Students, too, are exposed to both the exhilaration of application-based learning and genuinely enjoyable educational forays, as well as the requisite discipline and work ethic necessary to guide them through life.

Scientific Inquiry

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Including but not limited to Aquaponics, Gardening, Science, and Design and Engineering, this cluster of subjects provides insight to students about the why and how of the world around them. They are exposed to cutting edge techniques and instilled with the discipline and mechanical precision to execute an engineering or science-based task, as well as the creativity and curiosity to develop the larger vision or ‘blueprint’ behind it.

Creative Expression


Music, Rhetoric, Speech and Improvisation provide students with multiple avenues to express themselves freely and lucidly. While there are certain situations demanding the conventions and decorum of rhetoric or a well-rehearsed speech, sometimes the ability to ‘flow’ and think on one’s feet is also an essential life skill. Our well-loved music classes are a mainstay, and music is often woven into other parts of the students’ day and routine as well. Often, the work done in this cluster of subjects is consolidated through a final culmination or presentation which is integrated with their Language Arts curriculum.

Art & Ceramics


Fine Art at Civitas includes the true understanding and application of various complex phenomena, such as tonal variation, gradation, sketching, scaling and the use of straight lines to create landscapes. The students also prepare all the material for their presentations: creative, Global Citizens-related and otherwise, as part of their dynamic Art course. The potter’s wheel offers an elemental and intensely therapeutic way for students to develop dexterity, increase focus and concentration and harmonise their understanding across different mediums.

World Affairs

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Students are taught about our rich heritage and given a sense of rootedness and serenity. At the same time, however, they are kept abreast of current affairs, cultural nuances and events with a global perspective. Our Global Citizens Programme is a nexus point and an immersive, sociological study of the cornerstones of cultural foundations—namely music, food and art. As a result, our students understand their own ideological heritage, and are also able to appreciate and learn from others.

Design Learning

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Today’s student needs to be able to effectively wield the power and potential that technological advances offer. Civitas embraces the need to equip our learners with the enabling tools and knowledge required to navigate through the 21st century successfully. While ICT incorporates all applicable softwares through a project based approach, Mechatronics offers a combination of mechanics and electronics to help students create real world automation solutions which work for them.

Physical Education

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The Physical Education programme at Civitas is vibrant and intense. Rather than being a set of isolated movements, it is akin to a training ground, where form, posture, execution and timing are all carefully scrutinised and worked upon. Rowing, basketball, agility drills, special novelty races, football, cricket, throwball and volleyball are just some of the initiatives taken on campus. Additional practice sessions are held at an external ground once a week after school.

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